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Triplett 2022 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
Triplett 2022 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!

Electrical Testers - AC Voltage Detector

Triplett offers a variety of electric testers such as non-contact AC voltage detectors, microprocessor circuit breaker locators, commercial electric AC voltage testers, non-contact electric testers, and so on. Our commercial AC voltage testers such as tone and probe wire and circuit tracers can quickly identify un-energized wires of business networks, telephones, and so on. They come with audiovisual notifications. Our non-contact AC voltage testers possess amazingly adjustable sensitivity, and hence it detects low voltage wiring issues in appliances such as door bells, control circuits, thermostats, and so on. We also offer non-contact electrical testers with magnetic field detection. We assure the safety, cost effectiveness, as well as accuracy of all our commercial electric AC voltage detectors.

An electrical tester is a device which measures a number of electrical parameters such as current, potential difference, the presence of electricity in a circuit or wire, and so on. The tester is used by power supply technicians and electricians to check all these parameters in a circuit, electric appliances, live wires, and so on. These devices are also known as voltage detectors, circuit testers, and many other names depending upon their function. They are handy and compact and can be easily carried in hand. 

Know More About Triplett Electrical Tester

What is Electrical Tester or AC Voltage Detector?

Electrical testers are a family of products that can detect the presence of voltage and/or current quickly and easily. Electrical testers are portable and ergonomic, allowing the user to safely hold the instrument near the source of electricity for testing. Electrical testers can detect AC only, DC only, or both AC and DC signals. Some testers can also provide continuity and phase tests.

What is Contact and Non-Contact Electrical Testers?

There are two types of testers: Contact and Non-Contact. Contact testers, as the name implies, have probes that must physically come in contact with the signal under test in order to make a measurement. Non-contact devices detect the electrical signal through magnetic induction and therefore do not need a physical connection to make a measurement.

What is AC and DC Electrical Testers?

The most common testers measure AC signals. AC (alternating current) is the power that is provided by utility companies to homes, offices, and manufacturing plants. AC signals are present at breaker panels, wall outlets, switches, light fixtures, etc. DC testers (direct current) are geared toward the measurement of low voltage signals associated with battery powered circuits. 

Built-in IR Thermometer with LCD displays non-contact temperature measurements!

Electrical Testers detect the presence of voltage or current at an outlet, power strip, light fixture, wall switch, or any location where electricity may be present. The user places the tester near (in the case of a non-contact tester) or in touch with (in the case of a contact tester) an electrical circuit. The tester may provide the measurement results audibly, visually, or by both means. Audible detection is usually by way of chirping tones that grow louder and more insistent as the electricity amount increases. Visual alerts can be simple LED lights or full digital readouts with bar graphs. 

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