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Triplett 2022 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
Triplett 2022 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
CCTV BNC Adapters

CCTV BNC Adapters

We offer a variety of BNC adapters for sale, most of which are designed to be weatherproof. Hence, they can be used for indoor as well as outdoor applications. On an average, they have an impedance of 50 Ohms or 75 Ohms for most types. They are made of brass, nickel, zinc, and other sturdy metal alloys with a solid finish, which makes them durable, temperature and moisture resistant, and versatile. Some models have a gold plated center contact.

BNC adapters are widely used plug and socket devices to connect various electrical and electronic appliances such as audio and video devices, cameras in network, televisions, surveillance systems, and so on. BNC stands for Bayonet Neill-Concelman, and these small devices offer tight connectivity to the connected coaxial cables.

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What is BNC Adapter and BNC T Adapter?

BNC adapter is a plug and socket connector device widely used in networks to connect a coaxial cable to the concerned device such as a computer, CCTV display, broadcasting systems, power meters, aircraft systems, automotive systems, telecom networks, and more.

A BNC T adapter is basically a T-shaped adapter which can connect three cables together. Used for various commercial audio and video devices as well as other consumer electronics. Available in various gender types such as BNC adapter female to female or male to female.

How is a BNC T Adapter used in a network?

These adapters with metallic bodies are extremely durable and used for signal transmission and reception in ring networks, especially with 3 connecting points almost equidistant from each other. One adapter is fitted at each point in the token ring network. Similarly, it is used to connect devices to cables in large networks. The adapters used for connecting two or three points in a network are either all female or all male.

How do you use a BNC adapter?

A BNC adapter is quite easy to use with tight fitting capabilities, and can be easily installed on a coax cable. You need to cut off the insulating portion of the coaxial cable up to an inch or so. Once the metal wire part is exposed, check its diameter and ensure it is a bit less than that of the adapter, such that the pole of the adapter can cover the exposed wire strands. Some portions of the wire strands must be spread out such they remain at the outside end of the T adapter. Cover the wires with the tube that fits onto the wire strands and fix it well from the top so that it remains tight. This way one end of the T-shaped adapter gets connected to a coaxial cable.

What are CCTV BNC Adapter used for?

These adapters are used in surveillance systems to connect the CCTV cameras to coaxial cables. Usually, 75 Ohms adapters are used for digital cameras as well as analog ones as the possibility of signal losses is reduced in this case.\

What is the difference between 50 Ohm and 75 ohm BNC Adapter?

Typically, 75 Ohms adapters are used for HD videos and audio formats, while 50 Ohms are suited for basic analog devices. This is the impedance measured in Ohms which is also matched with that of cables. However, 50 Ohms has excellent power handling profile and low signal attenuation as the signals are transmitted over the cable carrying AC current. Adapters with 75 Ohms impedance also have low signal attenuation but a far lesser capacitance then the former, which helps prevent signal distortion.

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