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Triplett 2022 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
Triplett 2022 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
Low Voltage Testers

Low Voltage Testers

Triplett provides low voltage tool kits for testing cables and networks. Our LVPRO series low voltage cable testers are designed to test cables for opens, shorts, split pairs, reversals, wire map, propagation, delays, and so on. These low voltage wire testers are offered as a kit, and feature detachable remote, F male to BNC male, F male to BNC female, RJ45 patch cables, alligator clip adapters, USB cables, and so on. These kits are provided with low voltage PRO smart remotes for easy functioning.  Our collection also comprises accessories that are compatible with the LVPRO series. There are tone probes, low voltage smart remotes for LVPRO series, low voltage coax IDs, and so on. You can browse through the low voltage cable testers listed on this page to find the most suitable device. For any assistance, please feel free to get in touch with our team today.

Low voltage testers are a special type of device used to identify opens and shorts in applications that are driven on low voltages.  Most household appliances and batteries are operated at low voltages ranging from 12V, 24Vto 48V.

Know More About Triplett Low Voltage Tools

What is Low Voltage Testing?

Low voltage testing is a term to describe electrical testing up to 70 VDC applications. Generally, these tests are conducted to identify opens and shorts. The low voltage testers require no additional safety devices as they are operated at voltages below 70 VDC or 33 VAC. As per DIN EN 6010, these devices are considered non-hazardous, too.

Any voltage below 50 V is termed as low voltage. This voltage is usually supplied by transformers or batteries, which usually convert the available line voltage into low voltage. Heating and cooling thermostats, alarm system sensors, garage door opener controls, doorbells, telephones, CCTV cameras, outdoor ground lighting, and automobile batteries are a few applications that run on low voltage.

How Do Low Voltage Testers Work?

The low voltage testers are connected to the cable to be tested, and current is applied through it, and voltage is measured. This helps identify the following issues:

  • Opens: This test is performed to ensure consistent current flow from one point to another.
  • Shorts: This test is performed to check if the current flow is consistent to the test point or it is flowing to any other direction than expected.
  • Split Pair: This is a type of wiring error that is usually observed in Ethernet cables where two twisted pair wires are connected using two wires of different pairs, which gives rise to electromagnetic interference. This electromagnetic interference leads to cross-talk on the phone. The low voltage wire tester helps identify if the current is transmitted properly through every wire in the copper twisted pair cable.

If the low voltage tester is connected properly, the test will show low resistance, and it means the current flow through the circuit is consistent. If the tester displays high resistance, then it may indicate that the cable or network is facing issues due to any of the above reasons. Another cause for testing error may be incorrect tester settings.

Why Low Voltage Wire Testers from Triplett Are Gaining Popularity?

Nowadays, most businesses invest in high data networks, which comprise several cables that connect data devices as well as power sources. Hence, it becomes important to understand the data and power carrying capability of Cat5/5e/6/6a/7/8 cable. In most cases, the cables are checked for their performance before plugging into a data device or power source. This helps protect the equipment from failure. Triplett's LVPR series low voltage wire testers when connected properly can sense the data and power and pair location properly.

The low voltage wire testers from Triplett can be used to run a variety of testing procedures and they can store up to 250 test reports.

Contact us to get recommendations for choosing the best Low Voltage Tester and Accessories for your applications. Also, have a look at our lan tester, cable length tester, patch cable and tone generator and probe kits.

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