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Triplett Full Product Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available


Tone Generator & Probe Kits

Professional Tone Generator & Probe Kits

Triplett’s tone & probe kits feature our recognized Fox & Hound series. Our tone generator and probe kits can trace various cable and wire types including: twisted pair, LAN, multi-conductor, telephone/alarm and unpowered electrical wire. The tone generators can produce multiple tones including warble and pulse, and they can provide an audible and visual continuity test. These test kits feature built-in LED headlights, which help illuminate dark areas, minimize fluorescent light noise; an earphone jack for quiet and noisy work areas; a bandpass filter that suppresses unwanted frequencies, and a battery cover to protect batteries. The toner and probe kit comprises test leads, pointed probes, flat blades, alligator clips, batteries, and a hard carrying case.

Professional tone generator and probe kits are widely used for testing electronics, electrical, building maintenance, and construction. The electrical wire tracer tone generator in these kits produces an audible tone when they detect wires or cables.