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Triplett 2022 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
Triplett 2022 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!

Light Meters

Triplett offers the best lumen meters, also referred to as lux meters or lux tester, for measuring intense illumination in industrial facilities. Our lux light meters help users to verify OSHA safety requirements from various light sources in factories, schools, parking lots, warehouses, and commercial environments. Digital light meters offered by Triplett feature a silicon photodiode sensor and a spectral response filter. All our led light meters are backed with a 1-year warranty. A light meter is used to measure the light intensity of the LED, fluorescent, metal halide, and incandescent light sources in industrial and commercial facilities.

Know More About Triplett Light Lux Meters:

What is a digital light meter?

A digital light meter is a device that measures illumination in terms of lux. A digital lux meter features a digital calculator that displays the speed and light intensity reading. Our light intensity meter meets CIE photopic spectral response. 

What are the features of Lux Meters?

The following features of lumen meters make them ideal for a variety of settings:

All our light measurement devices can measure light intensity from light sources up to 40k Foot Candles (400k Lux). Our lumen tester features a 4000 count LCD display. The LED light meter and digital light meter LUX/FC are provided with 2 AAA batteries and a pouch case. Our digital light meter/data logger is offered with a pouch case and 3 AA batteries. The light meter/data logger can store up to 16000 readings or can recall up to 99 readings. These light meters also feature a min/max/avg function that recalls the highest, lowest and average reading. The data hold feature helps freeze the reading on display for easy viewing and auto power off to conserve battery life.

What is the working principle of the digital lux meter?

The basic working principle of the digital lux meter are as follows:

The lux meters feature an integrated photodiode sensor, which is placed perpendicular to the source of light which assures optimal exposure. The lux meter features a digital LCD display, and readouts are shown on it. Triplett Digital meters can save measurements up to 400 readings. They possess a detection range that can be easily adjusted. The light sensor is composed of silicon or selenium material that uses a photovoltaic effect to determine the brightness of the material. These sensors generate current, which is proportional to photons received by the sensor.  The electric current is then calculated through a digital LCD in light intensity meter. The light converted into the current is transferred in the lux value on the LCD.

How do you read a lux light meter?

The steps for measuring light using light meters or lumen meters are as follows:

Place the light meter before the object, pointing towards the light. After assembling the position, press the metering button on the light meter. Now, note down the reading being displayed on the digital LCD. The reading will be displayed in lux.

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