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Triplett 2021 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
Triplett 2021 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!

Electrical Test & Measurement

Triplett offers a comprehensive range of electric test equipment that enables you to troubleshoot the electrical issues before they escalate. Our range features electrical test tools or electrical testers, meters, and analyzers for a wide range of electrical applications. We understand your testing needs which is why we stock electrical measurement equipment for everyone right from electronics fabrication and testing centers to commercial electricians to home users.

Product Categories

Analog Multimeters -VOM

View wide range of portable conpact analog multimeters

Clamp-On Multimeters

Browse AC/DC digital clamp multimeters

Digital Multimeters

Digit 1999 to 600000 count digital multimeters

Railroad VOM Test Sets

2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 Series

Voltage & Current Dataloggers

Records 16,000 to 24,000 Readings, 6 Languages

Magnetic Field Testers

Pocket, Non-Contact Voltage and a Magnetic Field Detector Combos

Live Wire Tone & Probe Kit

Trace Live 120/220VAC Power Lines

Insulation Testers & Megohmmeters

Wide measurement range and high resolution 

Earth Ground Resistance Testers

2 and 3-wire earth ground resistance measurements between 20Ω to 2000Ω

GFCI Receptacle Testers

Commercial and residential GCFI Receptacle Testers

AC Line Spliter

Tests 3-Wire Receptacles

Non-Contact Voltage Testers

Sniff It Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector

Motor & Phase Rotation Testers

Determine correct phase wiring sequence for 3-phase system installations


Triplett’s electrical measurement equipment feature compact construction and are portable, which makes it easy to carry them wherever you go.

  • Portable Compact Analog Multimeters for Multiple AC and DC Voltage Ranges
  • Rugged and Easy-to-use Digital Clamp Meters with CAT III 600V Safety Rating
  • Compact Digital Multimeters with CAT II/III 600V Safety Rating
  • Compact Combo GCFI Tester and AC Line Splitter Tool for Home and Commercial Areas
  • Pocket Magnetic Field Detectors for Measuring Magnetic Fields Up to 300 Hz
  • Compact and User-friendly Non-Contact Voltage Detection Pens
  • 2000 Series Railroad Test Analog Meters for Passenger and Commercial Rails