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Triplett 2022 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
Triplett 2022 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!

BNC Connectors

Triplett acknowledges this demand and offers a range of BNC connectors including BNC coax connectors, BNC male connectors, BNC crimp connectors, BNC female connectors, just name a few. Our BNC crimp connectors feature 2-piece connector construction and are available in 18-22 AWG with .185 - .280 Jacket O.D. They are compatible with CCTV, HD-TVI, AHD, and CVI applications. These connectors are designed to solve the connector/cable discrepancy problems and they maintain proper cable retention. The BNC to RJ45 converters allow you to pass video signals through CAT5 cables with RJ45 plug, and needs no power. These converters offer the transmission distance of 2300 feet, however, that reduces when used with quads, multiplexers, and DVRs.

The Bayonet Neill-Concelman or BNC connectors adapters are co-axial radio frequency (RF) electrical connectors. Owing to their low signal loss architecture, these connectors are used with high-grade analog communications test equipment, aviation electronics, amateur radio antennas, military equipment, and many more. BNC adapters now find application in surveillance systems.

Know More About Triplett BNC Connectors

What is a BNC connector and why is it used in surveillance applications?

BNC connectors are one of the most popular types of RF connectors used in various industrial applications. In this, the term Bayonet or B indicates the twist locking system, which helps hold connectors. The alphabets N and C are an ode to two inventors who built this connector – Paul Neill and Carl Concelman.

The connectors are used to connect the cables between the CCTV DVR and security cameras. BNC connectors are known to reduce wave reflection as well as losses in applications. As the connectors are locked in place using a twisting Bayonet, they ensure a full-contact connection unlike RCA plugs, which may disconnect on slight disturbance. This reason makes them an ideal replacement for RCA plugs, which were earlier used in digital security applications. In addition to these features, CCTV BNC connectors assure effective synchronization of different components, which is a must-have for security applications as any lags or downtimes may result in security breaches. Owing to this reason, these connectors are also used widely in recording studios, television, radios, and so on. Generally, BNC connectors are widely used in those surveillance applications, which still use analog cameras.

What are the different BNC connector types used in CCTV systems?

The following are a few popular types of BNC connectors used in CCTV systems.

  • Crimp-on BNC Connectors: These connectors are secured to the coaxial cable using a crimping tool, thus the name. We provide BNC crimp connectors in two styles – 3-piece and 2-piece. A cable stripper and crimping tool are used to install 2-piece connectors.
  • Twist-on BNC Connectors: This connector does not require any additional tool for installation, rather it can be easily twisted onto the cable. The only time tools are used for this type of connection is if the cable isn’t stripped properly beforehand.
  • Compression Connectors: These connectors use compression crimping tools for connection, thus the name. Compression connectors are easy to work with and they assure excellent connection.

How to connect a BNC Connector to a CCTV Camera?

Analog and HD-type CCTV cameras are connected to surveillance DVRs using BNC connectors for video output and input. CCTV cameras use CCTV and BNC female connectors for the video output. However, HD surveillance DVRs use BNC connector female for every video channel. The BNC male connector is attached to every end of the RG59 cable, which is used for a connection. The connection can be made in the following steps.

Remove the cover of the wire to be used for the connection. Ensure to remove the cover to the length equal to that of the BNC connector. Check the four wires that appear after the removal of the cover. Choose a wire that is thicker than the other three wires and remove its cover entirely. Generally, the thicker wire has white color, which makes them easily distinguishable. Check the two wires that appear on the removal of the white cover from a thick wire. Ensure to remove everything from the wire. Insert one wire in the BNC connector and grip it by tightening the screw. Next, press the other wire to the connector and cover it with its own cover. Check if you get three wires after this step. You will require only two wires; however, the third can be used as a substitute if one wire gets broken or damaged in the process. Connect the three-wire cable to the DC connector, which will be used for supplying power to the CCTV. Next, connect the BNC connector and DC connector to the CCTV camera. You will observe two ports for the connections in the camera.

How to choose the best CCTV BNC Connectors?

The choice of the right CCTV BNC connectors will depend on your application requirements. It is always recommended to use the right connector to support your cable. The following tips will be helpful.

Know how BNC crimp connectors, BNC compression connectors, and twist-on connectors’ work and their compatibility with your cables. If you are buying these connectors from us, our experts will help you understand the advantages of each of these connector types. Match the connector with the cable type chosen. The coaxial cable that you purchase should be supported with literature that describes its gauge characteristic and type. Buy a proper compression tool and a coaxial cable stripper if you are using BNC compression connectors. Similarly, if you are using a BNC crimp connector, you will need a cable stripper as well as a good crimping tool. It is always recommended to choose the cable strippers and compression tools offered by the same BNC connector manufacturer to achieve desired results. This is due to issues related to incompatibility as some termination tools from other brands may not support the brand of BNC connectors you choose and vice versa. Our inventory comprises Universal compression tool kit, crimping tool, and other accessories, which assure effective termination when used.

Contact us to get recommendations for choosing best CCTV BNC Connector for your applications. 

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