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Thermo Anemometers

Triplett offer a variety of thermos anemometers for sale. They measure air velocity, air temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and so on. They are useful for crucial indoor as well as outdoor applications such as wind power monitoring, sailing, vehicle aerodynamics, and so on. They come with an LCD display and a protective housing. Most models have an automatic power off feature and are water resistant. Their air velocity range depends on the distance covered. The accuracy rate for most models is around ±3%.

Anemometers are devices which measure wind pressure, flow rate, and so on in feet per minute (FPM). This is done with the help of a magnetic sensor. Thermo anemometers measure the amount of heat displaced from the object or area.


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Know More About Triplett Thermo-Anemometers

What is Thermo Anemometer?

A thermo-anemometer is an instrument designed specifically to measure air temperature and air velocity simultaneously. It integrates the functionalities of a thermometer and an anemometer into a single device, enabling the concurrent assessment of temperature and airflow.

What is CFM/CMM Thermo Anemometer?

A CFM/CMM thermo-anemometer is a specialized tool utilized for precise measurement of air velocity (speed) and airflow volume. Its application is widespread in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, industrial settings, and other scenarios that demand accurate assessment of airflow.

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute, while CMM stands for Cubic Meters per Minute. These units represent the volume of air moved per unit of time. CFM is commonly used in the United States, while CMM is used internationally.

Which Are the Types of Thermo-Anemometers Triplett Offers?

Triplett offers various types of thermo-anemometers to measure the flow, temperature, and velocity of air, dew point, wind chill, relative humidity and so on. We offer CFM-CMM, environmental meters, pocket anemometers, anemometers with IR, vane anemometers, and thermal anemometers among other varieties. Most of the types we offer are handheld devices. Here are some broad varieties of anemometers we offer.

  • Vane Anemometers: Also known as windmill anemometers or propellers, they have spinning blades to measure various wind parameters. These blades are arranged parallel to the wind direction. We offer large vane anemometers that find applications in HVAC systems, clean rooms, exhaust systems, and so on. These rotating blades are attached to the digital meter with a display screen and a user-friendly menu. They can measure very high air velocity and temperature.
  • Thermal Anemometers:These anemometers use a thin wire of a few micrometers that is heated above the ambient temperature. Since the ambient temperature is lower than that of the wire, the air that passes over it has an impact on the temperature of the metallic wire. This helps establish the electrical resistance of the wire vis-à-vis the flow velocity. These hot-wire meters are categorized based on different variables as constant-temperature anemometers, constant-power anemometers, and more.
    • Constant-temperature anemometers: CTA or constant temperature anemometry is a subset of thermal anemometry that measures the turbulence of gases and liquids using a hot-wire anemometer.
    • Constant-power anemometers: These devices measure voltage and current flow, direction, as well as temperature variation in real time. These variables are measured based on the heat loss of the wire.

What Are Cup Anemometers?

Cup anemometers are a kind of wind sensor commonly used in meteorological departments. This anemometer has three cups arranged on a single frame and at a certain angle from each other, which forms a parabola shape. This type has tremendous strength and corrosion resistance. It may be made of metals such as aluminum or plastic such as polycarbonate. However, this is not a handheld device.

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