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Power Panel CAT 5/6 Digital Volt Meter (POE1000IL)

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Understanding what data and power is on a CAT5/5 cable is becoming increasingly important as cables are becoming crowded with a wide variety of data devices and power sources. The Power Panel CAT5/6 DVM is the right tool because once connected, it goes to work scanning each pin on a connector and displaying both the activity and pair location. Whether it be network devices, phones, or Power Over Ethernet, all is displayed. If you are a VOIP phone and IP camera installer, you willo find the Power Panel particularly useful because you will know there is power and a data pair available for your equipment.  

  • Scans all pins
  • Displays PoE power: volts, watts*, cable pair location, and end/midspan*
  • Advertised data speed (10,100,100MB/s), duplex
  • Works on telephones (digital, analog)
  • VOIP phone and IP camera load stimulator
  • Link pulse transmit button




    User Manual

    • Q. Does this device pass the ethernet data while doing the power analysis?
      A.The POE1000IL passes data while running inline.

    • Q. During power testing phase of a IP camera the display has POE END MID &  readings to go along with each. I don't see a good description of what MID is?
      A.MID refers to a Midspan device that uses specific cable pairs to transmit power. When END and MID are both lit up (along with all cable pairs) it means the device is using all pairs on the cable for power.