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Triplett 2021 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
Triplett 2021 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!

Low Voltage Pro Multifunctional Cable/Network Tester Kit - (LVPRO20)

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Introduction to The Low Voltage Pro Cable & Network Tester Kit

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The Triplett LVPRO is an industry leading cable tester that runs a variety of cable testing procedures such as wiremap, timing tests (delay, skew), impedance measurement, Ethernet switch port blink, speaker pop, cable length, PoE volts, loaded battery test and 10/100/1000 indication, plus it gives you the ability to store and print up to 250 test reports. Model LVPRO20 has 7 test apps; Model LVPRO30 has 13 test apps.  Model LVPRO30SR adds Smart Remotes to Model LVPRO30. The LVPRO comes complete with Detachable Remote, F Male to BNC Male, F Male to BNC Female, (2) RJ45 patch cables, RJ45 to alligator clip adapter, USB cable, (4) AA batteries and carrying case. Models 30 and 30SR also include: 10 RJ45 remotes, 10 Coax remotes, and 3 RLQ adapters. In addition, Model 30SR includes Smart Remotes.

  • Works with virtually all cable types including speaker cable, coax, alarm cable and Category cable (CAT5,6). If you have a unique cable, the LVPro has adjustable VOP, a technology that allows the LVPro to be tuned to your cable
  • Perform detailed wiremap, measure cable distance to open or short, test coax and RJ11 cables for faults
  • Check line voltage on RJ45 (PoE) and telephone lines, measure incoming data speed, store and print up to 250 Reports (Model 30 or higher)
  • Test modules available with additional features, Web upgradeable using the LVPro Manager software and included USB
Product Overview

From the manufacturer

Cable Test Pack (All Types) and Length Pack
Wall Jack ID
Speaker Popper and Speaker 7.1 ID# Mapper
Tone Cable Detection and Return Loss Quality
Port Blink Cable Detection and Alert LEDS (Links, Volts)
10/100/1000 Detection/Display
PoE/Pairs, Phone, and Loaded Battery Tests
CCTV/Vpp (peak to peak voltage)
Print Up to 250 Reports
8 Smart Remotes
Cable Types Tested (All LVPRO models) Shielded and unshielded twisted pair. All cable categories
Coax. All types
Telephone, speaker and alarm wire 
Cable Tests (All LVPRO models) Opens, shorts, reversals, split pairs, wiremap, propagation
delay,skew, ohms. Feet and metricselectable
Advanced Cable Tests (All LVPRO models) Length and distance to fault
Adjustable and standard VOP settings for accurate length
of all cables
RLQ (Return Loss Quality)
Locating cable ends, split wires and
switch ports (Al LVPRO models)
Wall jack identifiers (RJ45, coax, and mixed kits available)
Speaker identification (Qty 8 available separately)
Port blink. LVPRO lights the LED on the port switch
Device Tests (All LVPRO models) Speakers: audible popper
Voltage Protection (All LVPRO models) DC Volts: 100V
AC Volts: 70
Length Measurement (All LVPRO models) Max (all wire types): 1000 feet (305m)
Min split pairs: 6 feet (2m)
Min RLQ: 20 feet (7m)
VOP calibration:Min cable sample 150 feet (50m)
Upgradeable (Model 20) Length and distance to fault
Adjustable and standard VOP settings for accurate length
of all cables
RLQ (Return Loss Quality)
Network Devices (Models 30 and 30SR) 10/100/1000 advertised speed and cable pairs used
PoE pairs and cable pairs used
CCTV camera video signal: measure peak to peak volts
CATV (cable TV) requires min 30mV peak to peak signal
Battery test:100mA loaded test for 12V alarm and other batteries
Printed Reports Models 30 and 30SR Stores 250 cable test reports in memory
Battery Type: 4 AA alkaline
Life: 24 to 30 hours
Auto power off: 30 minutes
Backlit Display Off and 2 brightness levels
  • Detachable Remote
  • F Male to BNC Male
  • F Male to BNC Female
  • (2) RJ45 patch cables
  • RJ45 to alligator clip adapter
  • USB cable
  • (4) AA batteries and carrying case

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