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Triplett Full Product Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available


Coaxial Cable Tester - (CTX10)

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Ensure flawless installations and troubleshooting with the Triplett Model CTX10 Coax Cable Tester. Designed to meticulously examine F-type coaxial cables, it delivers reliable testing for continuity while promptly detecting opens or shorts in the system. With four color-coded terminals, the CTX10 provides easy identification and location mapping of installed cables, supporting distances up to 3280ft (1000m). This tool is an indispensable ally for LAN installers and repair technicians, offering simplicity and accuracy in one compact device. Included in the package are four color mapping terminals, an F-type adapter, and two AAA batteries for immediate usage.

  • Specialized Testing: Designed for seamless testing of F-type coaxial cable connections.
  • Identifies Faults: Detects continuity (pass), as well as open or short circuits (fail). Detects continuity (pass), as well as open or short circuits (fail).
  • Extended Reach: Supports maximum testing distance up to 3280ft (1000m).
  • Easy Cable Mapping: Offers four distinct color terminals for simple cable identification and location mapping.
  • Includes (4) color mapping terminals, f-type adapter, and (2) AAA batteries
Dimensions 6.625” x 1.625” x 1”
Weight .25lbs


User Manual

  • Q. What is a coax tester used for?
    A. A coax tester is a specialized tool used to test and troubleshoot coaxial cables, ensuring proper signal transmission and identifying cable faults in cable TV, satellite, and other coaxial installations.
  • Q. Can I use a coax tester for other cable types like Ethernet cables?
    A. Coax testers are specifically designed for testing coaxial cables and may not be suitable for other cable types like Ethernet cables. For Ethernet cable testing, it's best to use a dedicated network cable tester.
  • Q. How do I use a coax tester to test coaxial cables?
    A. To test coaxial cables, connect the coax tester to one end of the target coaxial cable, activate the tester, and review the LED indicators or display to check for signal continuity, short circuits, and cable integrity