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Triplett 2021 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
Triplett 2021 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!

CamView IP Pro- X™ HD Full Touch Screen Display IP and Analog Security Camera Tester - (8075)

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The CamView IP Pro-X  is designed for the installation and maintenance of analog SD, analog HD and network HD video surveillance systems. It will guide you through a step-by-step process to test the functionality of IP cameras, whether they are connected to an existing network or directly attached to the Tester. You can adjust the camera’s settings, and record still images or video from the selected camera. You can also check the audio signal from the camera if it is equipped with a microphone. If the camera is directly connected, the Tester will provide POE voltage to power the camera. Comes complete with (2) Li-ion batteries, Universal AC adapter/charger with 4 plugs, Ethernet cable, BNC/BNC cable, microUSB to USB cable, RS485 cable with extra screw terminal, audio cable, 12V camera power cable, lanyard and carrying case.


  • Works with SD Analog, AHD 3.0, HD-CVI 3.0, HD-TVI 3.0, H.264, H.265 IP, NTCS/PAL, and all ONVIF enabled IP cameras
  • USB, BNC, RJ45 and HDMI ports
  • WiFi for connecting to WiFi cameras and to create a WiFi hotspot
  • 25W PoE and 12VDC camera outputs
Product Overview
CamView HD Pro (8065) CamView IP Pro-8W (8066) CamView IP Pro (8070) CamView IP Pro+ (8071) CamView IP Pro-D (8073) CamView IP Pro-X (8075)
CamView HD Pro (8065) CamView IP Pro-8W (8066) CamView IP Pro (8070) CamView IP Pro+ (8071) CamView IP Pro-D (8073) CamView IP Pro-X (8075)
Display 4" TFT 4" IPS Touchscreen 4" TFT 4" TFT 4" TFT 7" TFT Touchscreen
SD Analog
AHD / CVI / TVI AHD 2.0 / CVI 3.0 / TVI 3.0 AHD 2.0 / CVI 3.0 / TVI 3.0 AHD 2.0 AHD 2.0 / TVI 2.0 AHD 3.0 / CVI 3.0 / TVI 3.0 AHD 3.0 / CVI 3.0 / TVI 3.0
IP (ONVIF Only) H.264 and H.265 H.264 H.264 H.265 H.264 and H.265
Record Snapshot and Video
DHCP Server
12VDC Output
POE Output
TDR Testing Ethernet Only Ethernet Only Ethernet Only Ethernet Only
Built-in DMM
Ethernet Test 10/100M/1G detect; Loop detect; DHCP client & server; traffic detect; datalink quality detect
IPC Test Discover the device, real time video, camera config, PTZ test, discover ONVIF device
WiFI Test Support 2.4G & 5G; WiFi connection; WiFi list; Delay detection; packet loss rate test
Spectrum Test Spatial frequency band signal scanning & detection; spatial noise signal detection
Poe Test power PSE test -The tester supplies power (25W) / PD test-receives the power (802.3af/802.3at)
Analog Video Test NTSC/PAL/HD-CVI 3.0/AHD 3.0/HD-TVI 3.0
Video In/Out BNCs; supports 8 level digital zoom
HDMI Signal Test Can receive 720p, 1080p
Can transmit various test images 720p & 1080p
12V Power Output 12V/2A output interface
TDR Test Test network cable (4 pair) length; Max 427 to 656ft (130 to 200m); Accuracy 3.3ft (1m)
Coaxial PTZ Control Test CVI protocol (Dahua); AHD protocol (Pelco c); TVI protocol (Hikvision)
485 PTZ test More than 30 protocols
Display 7” TFT touchscreen , 1920 x 1200, 16.7M colors
Power (2) Lithium-ion batteries; 10 hour work time
Dimensions/Weight 9.3 x 5.2 x 1.8” (236.5 x 133.4 x 45.4mm) / 2lbs (907g)
  • (2) Lithium-Ion Batteries,
  • Universal AC Adapter/Charger with (4) Plugs
  • Ethernet Cable
  • BNC/BNC Cable
  • MicroUSB to USB Cable
  • RS485 Cable with Extra Screw Terminal
  • Audio Cable
  • 12V Camera Power Cable
  • Lanyard
  • Carrying Case