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Between Series Adapters

Triplett provide weatherproof between series adapters for a broad range of video applications. Weatherproof construction of these adapters combined with bright nickel finishes solid brass or zinc body make them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They help establish easy connection between different connector series without replacing one another. Between Series adapters are designed to facilitate signal transfer between two types of coaxial connectors with minimal losses. This signal transfer may be between SMA to BNC or SMA to N-Type.


Know More About Triplett Between Series Adapters

How to choose between series adapters for your application?

The following pointers will be helpful in choosing between series adapters

  • Interface of the adapter: The adapter can have two different connector interfaces on each side. You can choose the best one suited for your application.
  • Mounting style: The adapter can be mounted in various ways such as flange-based, panel mount, or bulkhead. This mounting mechanically supports this adapter for proper performance.
  • Geometry: The adapters can be right-angled or straight. Our selection features between series adapters with right-angled geometry, which helps eliminate sharp bends of cable, as well as deteriorating electrical signals.
  • Adapter Gender: We provide both – male and female adapters. You can choose the right one based on your application requirements.

What are the applications of between series adapters?

Our between series adapters are used in CCTV video applications such as monitors, TVs, and security cameras, as well as several other video applications, including CATV, MATV, and Satellite TV applications.

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