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Humidity Indicators & Meters

Triplett offers a variety of temperature humidity test equipment of excellent quality. Our humidity meters even have a memory where data related to temperatures and humidity percentages measured can be stored. Most of our models have a humidity measurement range between 10% and 99% RH. They have a temperature range from 10 to 50 degrees Celsius. Most models have a temperature resolution of 0.1°F/°C. They come in various sizes and shapes such as a pen, alarm clocks, remote control, and so on.

Humidity meters are devices that measure relative humidity as well as temperature in an industrial process. They comprise a moisture-resistant chemical or a relative humidity indicator and a set of color codes. However, these are manual devices. There are digital humidity indicators that are compact-sized and come with a display screen. Controlling humidity is a key aspect of air conditioning and ventilation systems in various places. The ideal air humidity for pleasant weather conditions must be around 50%. Anything beyond that will make you feel hot, and that below 50% will make you feel dry in the nose and mouth. This makes the inside temperature comfortable and reduces heat stress. 


Know More About Triplett Humidity Indicators & Meters

What is a Humidity and Relative Humidity Meter?

Humidity is the percentage of moisture present in air which increases with the amount of water vapor in air. A large amount of humidity increases the temperature which keeps the ambient temperature hot and sweaty. Relative humidity (RH) is measured as a comparative value against the maximum possible humidity at a given point. It is calculated by dividing partial pressure of water vapor by equilibrium vapor pressure of water. A relative humidity meter measures relative humidity of a room or system. There are mechanical as well as digital humidity meters.

What Are the Applications of Humidity Indicators?

Humidity indicators are widely used in HVAC systems, refrigeration systems, as well as temperature control systems in various manufacturing units, research labs, green houses, offices, museums, clean rooms, as well as households. Overall, this is used in diverse industries from construction and agriculture to warehouses.

How do You Read Digital Humidity Meter?

Digital humidity detectors are quite easy to read as they display the temperature and humidity distinctly on the screen. The temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit, which you can change in the settings. Humidity is mentioned in percentage. Each model has a certain range of lower and upper limits defined for both humidity and temperature. These models have a hygrometer as well as a thermometer to measure both these parameters. So, you need to figure out the most suited range for your application environment as well as process requirements. In most models, there are two buttons you need to press to measure minimum and maximum humidity and minimum and maximum temperature. You can place these devices just about 3.5 feet above the ground in the room or area where you want to measure relative humidity. You will get the output in a couple of minutes on the display screen. Digital hygrometers offer the most accurate output and hence are widely used. It is best to calibrate them annually for consistent performance.

How Does a Humidity Monitor work?

A digital humidity test equipment uses resistive or capacitive sensors to calculate the relative humidity and temperature. These sensors measure the amount of condensation in the air, albeit in different ways. Capacitive sensors adjust their surface temperature based on the air temperature till the moisture condenses, and then measure the same. This is done by passing AC current through two plates to check the capacitance. As the capacitance increases, so does the ability to hold moisture, which implies increased humidity. On the other hand, a resistive sensor absorbs moisture in the air and measures the resistance. The resistance is generated against the current flowing through the device circuit.

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