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Digital Hygrometer

Triplett offers a wide range of portable hygrometers that are designed specifically for industrial or commercial use. These digital hygrometers provide instant digital readings of relative humidity and indoor and outdoor temperatures. All our digital hygrometer models displayed here are covered with 18-month warranty.

A hygrometer is an instrument used to measure the humidity of the surrounding air. The humidity level affects many aspects of our lives, including our comfort, health, and how well our belongings last over time. A digital hygrometer can be used in a variety of settings, from our homes to our workplaces.


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Know More About Triplett Digital Hygrometer:

What is an electrical hygrometer?

An electrical hygrometer is a humidity sensor that uses electrical current to measure the moisture in air. They are typically used in industrial and laboratory settings, but are becoming more common in homes to monitor relative humidity levels. This is an important measurement to make, as it can help you to determine if your home or office is in a state of high humidity, which can lead to problems like mold growth. Electrical hygrometers can be resistive or capacitive.

How does a digital hygrometer work?

Digital hygrometers feature digital monitors fitted with capacitive or resistive sensors. Capacitive sensors can detect humidity or temperature without physical contact with the body. Resistive sensors come in direct contact with the body. They work on the principle that length of the conductor is directly proportional to the conductor resistance and inversely proportional to the conductor. The electrical properties of resistive sensors and capacitive sensors differ, however, their technique of humidity measurement remains the same. The hygrometers feature a moisture-absorbent material. This material is usually exposed to the air. The electrical properties of the material changes with the saturation level.  The moisture absorption level of the material will depend on the humidity in the air. More the humidity, high will be the absorption power, however, the absorption power will be low in less humid climate. The humidity readings on the display of the hygrometer suggest the change in electrical properties of the material. Digital hygrometers can be connected to your tablet, phone, and web browser. 

What are the types of digital indoor hygrometers?

At Triplett, we offer the following types of digital indoor hygrometers.

Thermo hygrometers:  Thermo hygrometers are devices used to measure both the temperature and humidity levels. This information is valuable in different industries, including HVAC, meteorology, and food storage. By understanding the temperature and humidity levels in a given environment, business owners and operators can take steps to optimize comfort levels, improve production processes, or protect goods from damage.

Hygro-Thermometer with Psychrometers: The hygro-thermometer with psychrometers is an instrument used to measure the humidity, moisture content, and temperature of air. This device is commonly used in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems to determine if the air is at the correct level of humidity for the comfort of occupants. It can also be used to measure the dew point and wet bulb temperature, both of which are important in understanding how moist the air is. The device helps technicians determine whether equipment is working properly and measures the effectiveness of HVACR systems.

Hygro-Thermometer with Remote Probe: A hygro-thermometer with a remote probe is an instrument comprising two parts: a sensor and a display. The sensor is used to measure the humidity and temperature of the air in a room or other space, and the display shows these measurements. Hygro-thermometers with remote probes also include a transmitter that sends the measured data to a receiver, which can be located up to 300 feet away from the sensor. This allows users to monitor the humidity and temperature of a space without being near the sensor.

Hygro-Thermometer Pen with Dew Point and Wetbulb: Compact and easy to use, this hygro-thermometer pen measures the dew point and wetbulb. The dew point is the temperature at which moisture in the air will condense into liquid form, while the wet bulb is the temperature of saturated air. Ideal for field applications, these portable hydrometers come with dual displays that simultaneously displays humidity and air temperature, or wet bulb, or dew point.

What are the uses of thermo hygrometer?

They can be used to measure the temperature and humidity of a room, as well as the dew point and wet bulb. This information can be used to adjust the humidity level in a room, as well as to monitor environmental conditions for things like farming or construction. For the purpose, thermo hygrometers can be purchased as standalone units, or they can be built into other devices, such as weather stations. Thermo hygrometers can be used in a variety of sectors including HVAC, food service, aerospace and forensic.

A few of the other typical applications of digital hygrometer thermometer are:

  • Pharmaceutical incubators
  • Pharmaceutical tablet coating
  • Plant growth chambers
  • Breweries and fermentation
  • Wooden musical instruments protection
  • Environmental research
  • Food ripening and storage
  • Old books and antiquities protection in museums

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