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Importance of Monitoring Air Quality

Importance of Monitoring Air Quality

Monitoring air quality is a crucial aspect in keeping the air and overall environment clean and safe, whether indoors or outdoors. Why is air quality important? This is because it directly impacts not just the environment but also human health. The air we breathe must be free of dust, allergens, and other contaminants. While it is applicable outdoors in terms of dust, smoke, pollution, and so on, indoor air quality is just as important in terms of HVAC systems used in homes, offices, and so on. Fortunately, we can track all these parameters with air monitoring tools and implement the right solutions. We can monitor the quantity of various elements in air, such as dust, humidity, carbon dioxide, temperature, and so on. Triplett is a pioneer in manufacturing various types of air quality monitoring tools. This post discusses the importance of air quality monitoring, its types, the tools offered by Triplett, and more.

How to Monitor Air Quality?

While there are many ways of measuring air quality, using the right monitoring tools makes it easy and offers the most accurate output. Depending on the application requirement, one may need only certain parameters to be monitored, such as temperature, humidity, and so on. While in some applications, measuring carbon content, particle constant, and so on may be more important. So, before selecting the right tool, it is necessary to list the parameters important for your applications. Decide on the parameters, ranges, and also choose the units you use such as Celsius and Fahrenheit for temperature. Once you are clear of your requirements, you must choose the right tool based on your analysis. There are different types of tools like thermo-anemometers, digital pyschrometers, and environment particle counters used for the purpose. These monitoring tools are compactly designed and easy to use with a pushbutton menu. You can watch the output on the display screen. Also, most models have memory for you to browse through the old records. They also have a feature, where the image of the location is stored. So, you can easily identify where the air quality measurement was done. The next section discusses these air quality tools in detail.

Types of Air Quality Monitoring Tools

The following are a few popular air quality monitoring tools used to monitor various air quality parameters. All of these come with display screens and batteries. Here are some of the types Triplett offers.

    • Thermo-anemometers: These tools measure air velocity, speed, and flow, and is applicable in all air flow applications such as HVAC, ventilation systems, exhaust systems, and so on. This is also used outdoors in wind power monitoring, ships and sailing vessels, and so on. Triplett offers the CFM400 Large vane thermos-anemometer for accurate air flow and air speed readings. You simply need to key in the duct size, and it would display the CFM values on the screen. Its vane comprises a temperature sensor which helps measure the temperature of the air exiting the duct. It has hold and min/max features which makes the troubleshooting process easy.
    • Have a look at Triplett Thermo Anemometer Product Range –
      Thermo-Anemometer CFM100 Vane Thermo-Anemometer CFM400 Thermo-Anemometer + IR AM320
    • Digital psychrometers: This tool measures air temperature, humidity, relative humidity, dew point, and wet bulb. This is widely used in areas where temperature and humidity control are applicable, such as in green house, water restoration facilities, and so on. This is also used for measuring temperature and humidity in rooms due to HVAC systems such as heaters and air conditioners. Triplett offers RHT45 Digital Psychrometer with Type K that measures air temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb, dew point, and type K temperature. It has various modes such as NORMAL Psychrometer Mode, Target Superheat Mode (TSH) and Target Evaporator Exit Temperature Mode (TEET), which can be used by HVAC technicians.
    • Have a look at Triplett Digital psychrometers Product Range –
      Digital psychrometers AM200 Digital psychrometers AM250
    • Environmental particle counters: Most times, there may be lot of dirt, dust, and other particulate matter in the outside environment. This impacts the indoor air quality as well. A simple device called particle counter can identify and measure airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, and so on. They have a display screen as well as memory. These devices save the images of locations from where the particle count was taken. This helps in easily identifying the area. Triplett offers the EPC600 environmental particle counter. It is an easy to use and portable device for detect airborne contaminants.
    • Have a look at Triplett Environmental particle counters Product Range –
      Environmental Particle Counter EPC600 Particle Counter EPC175
    • IAQ meters: It’s a known fact that carbon monoxide is an extremely harmful byproduct of vehicular pollution. Hence, measuring the air quality in indoor areas where vehicular smoke or any other source of CO is present becomes extremely important. IAQ stands for indoor air quality, and as the name implies, this type is best used for indoor air quality measurement, such as in malls, restaurants, gyms and fitness centers, institution premises, and so on. They are handy and portable devices which makes them easy to carry in your hand or pocket. Most types of IAQ meters measure carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, humidity, and dew point. These values help you check on the ventilation aspects in the room. Triplett offers the GSM450 Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide IAQ meter. It is a datalogger meter measuring CO, CO2, temperature, humidity, wet bulb and dew point and comes with a large backlit LCD display.
    • Have a look at Triplett IAQ meter Product –
      9" IAQ Monitor with LED Alert GSM250

Whether you are a business owner or a gated community member, or have a manufacturing unit, you need to ensure that the people or employees around you are breathing clean air. Also, if you are into healthcare or scientific research, any kind of contamination may have zero tolerance. So, clean rooms, research labs, and so on use these air quality monitoring tools on a daily basis. Hence, make sure you choose the right one from various types of air quality monitoring tools available. There are many tools which measure multiple parameters which may be useful. Also, ensure you source them from reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Another important aspect is the tools should meet the standards as per OSHA, CPCB, or WHO. Triplett is a reliable manufacturer of various test equipment tools and offers environmental meters which a number of measure air quality parameters, and are applicable across sectors.

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