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Triplett Simplifies Electrical Outlet & Equipment Troubleshooting with Re-Imagined GFCI Receptacle Testers

Triplett Simplifies Electrical Outlet & Equipment Troubleshooting with Re-Imagined GFCI Receptacle Testers

Triplett Test Equipment, a leading maker of test equipment tools, announced today the launch of two GFCI receptacle testers designed to expand the versatility of this essential electrical troubleshooting tool. The ET200’s integrated line-splitter makes it significantly easier to test both circuit wiring and connected electrical devices and appliances. The compact ET100 introduces an ergonomic “easy-pull” design to remove the tester from high-retention outlets.

The new tools are designed to make receptacle and electrical testing easier for commercial and residential electrical contractors, home inspectors, kitchen and bath installers, apartment/condo property managers, DIY’ers and handymen.

ET100 Easy-Pull GFCI Receptacle Tester
The compact ET100 tester re-imagines the GFCI receptacle tester by adding an ergonomic finger loop to ease removal from receptacles, especially those with high retention force. (Found in hospitals, schools, hotels, office buildings as well as residential kitchens and baths, these receptacles are designed to hold a plug’s blades and grounding pin securely to ensure safety and effective grounding.)

As a full-function GFCI receptacle tester, the ET100 can pinpoint wiring faults in NEMA 5-15 receptacles used in residential and commercial sites throughout North America. A simple push-button test helps validate GFCI receptacles are operating properly. The color-coded 3-light display helps users pinpoint any one of five potential wiring issues: Open Ground, Open Neutral, Reversed Hot and Ground, Open Hot as well as Reversed Hot and Neutral. Codes are indicated on on both side of the tester to ensure easy viewing regardless of the receptacle’s orientation. Please visit for more information.

ET200 2-in-1 GFCI Receptacle Tester and AC Line Splitter
Along with the must-have GFCI receptacle testing capabilities of the ET100, the ET200 also includes an integrated line-splitter that makes it easier to perform voltage measurements and test current loads of connected appliances or electrical equipment. The ET200’s line splitter can be used with a clamp meter to measure current loads up to 15A without splicing wires or other modifications that permanently alter a device’s power cord.

The two-mode line splitter enables a clamp meter to capture direct current readings for typical current loads while an “X10” position can be used with smaller current readings which are then multiplied by 10. Voltage test jacks can be used with a clamp meter or multimeter’s test leads for in-line testing without disrupting the circuit. Please visit for more information.

Both the ET100 and ET200 are available now. To find a Triplett distributor near you, please visit: . Or to order online, please visit: .

About Triplett Test Equipment
Founded in 1904, Triplett Test Equipment is a leading provider of test and measurement tools and instruments. Triplett customers benefit from over 100 years of innovation and problem-solving expert solutions across a range of industries. Triplett tools help professionals in electrical contracting, voice/data/video (VDV) telecommunications, CCTV/security video installation and maintenance, water damage restoration and more. Triplett is based in Manchester, NH and is a part of Jewell Instruments.
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