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Triplett Full Product Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available


Building, Maintenance, and Environmental Meters

No matter what you’re inspecting for – moisture, water intrusion, missing insulation, inadequate HVAC systems, poor air flow or quality, or electrical issues – Triplett has the right test equipment and tools to help you. Triplett’s test equipment and tools ensure residential and commercial building safety. Check for faults in electrical systems with multimeters, clamp meters, and various electrical testers; inspect heating and cooling loss with Tripletts infrared thermometers; and evaluate moisture intrusion issues with moisture meters and humidity dataloggers.


Serving Building, Maintenance Contractors, Technicians and Specialists


Triplett offers top of the line industrial testers and meters with you in mind.

  • IP67, Water & Dust Resistant Meters & Equipment
  • Durable Overmold Housing
  • Certificate of Traceability to N.I.S.T. Available
  • Bright LCD Displays
  • Protective Cases  & Accessories
  • Accurate & Reliable Test Equipment