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Triplett Full Product Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available


Controlled Destination Certification Agreement

I certify to the best of my knowledge and under penalty of United States law that this Jewell Instruments/Triplett/Byte Brothers/GEM product will not be sold or transferred to any individual or entity prohibited by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration or the U.S. Department of State and that all parties will adhere to the directions provided in Executive Order (EO) 13224, “Executive Order On Terrorist Financing – Blocking transaction with persons who commit, threaten to commit or support terrorism” effective 9/24/01 and any subsequent changes made to it. (To view EO13224, please access the following website).

I further certify that this Jewell Instruments/Triplett/ByteBrothers/GEM product will not be sold or transferred to any entity in Cuba, Libya, North Korea, Rwanda, Angola, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran or any other prohibited country as designated by U.S. policy or law. I further certify that this Jewell Instruments product will not be used on any missile, chemical, nuclear or biological weapon system of which the end destination is outside the United State of America.


This end use certificate is being transmitted electronically and executed by electronic signature in lieu of a hard copy. The parties to this transaction agree that this electronic End Use Certificate shall have the same force and effect as if executed and sent in hard copy. The buyer certifies that those representations and certifications contained in this document are current and accurate to the best of their knowledge.