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Using a Laser Meter for Flooring Projects

Using a Laser Meter for Flooring Projects

Time to ditch the tape measure and get more accurate results with a Laser Distance Meter. Measuring the room is one of the most important parts of installing flooring. A laser distance meter makes calculating for materials so much easier than ever before.

laser distance meter

Whatever unit you are using to measure feet, inches, and meters are easily selected. For super accurate results you can even mount the laser distance meter on a tripod with a ¼ 20 thread.

Very easy to use just aim and read the measurement on the backlite display. This is a lot easier than going back and forth with a tape measure around a room. The laser distance meter is designed for 1 person operation. Since its computerized it not only takes measurements, but it also lets you add and subtract measurements. But that’s not all these units do - It also calculates volume and area as well as indirect measurement using the Pythagorean theorem. No more need for a pencil to write down your measurements the laser distance meter will also store up to 20 measurements.

With the extra perk of the Stakeout Function the laser distance meter is ideal for new construction, home renovations, and landscaping, it automatically layouts distances for stud and fence layouts. 

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