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RMAs and Returns

Triplett offers a limited 1 year warranty from date of sale on test equipment. During this period the product will be repaired or replaced without charge for either parts or labor unless the product has been damaged by mistreatment (connecting to voltage, physically damaged). Shipping costs to our facility are the customer's responsibility. For in-warranty products return shipping costs ( within Continental U.S.) will be paid by Triplett, our choice of carrier.

For purchases made direct, RMA submissions can be made through the customer portal. Please login Here

For Triplett purchases made
Contact us for a Returned Materials Authorization No. (RMA)
This will need to be noted on the outside carton.2. Complete this form and include a printed copy in the box with your product. 3. For in-warranty product, please include a copy of your receipt which shows the purchase date. 4. If your product purchase date is outside of the warranty period, please complete "Out of Warranty" Section C. 5. Detach the included shipping label Section E. Attach it to the outside of the package.

Triplett accept returns by mail. Customer can return products in 30 days for full credit and up to 60 days with 25% restocking. We accept returns for unopened products in original packaging, and products that have never been used.

Regarding return shipping fees, for defective products (This happens when the product is incorrect, damaged by the carrier, or defective in another way) there is no cost if it is our fault and for customer remorse (This happens when the customer purchased the wrong product, it doesn't fit, or they no longer want the item) it will be actual cost of return shipping.