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Low Voltage Pro Video Test Module -(VTM-KIT)

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The Triplett Video Test Module (VTM-KIT) for the LVPro Model 20, 30 and 30SR extends the test and diagnostic capabilities of your LVPro cable tester by simply attaching the expansion connector harness in the LVPro cable tester to the module, and then securing the module to the tester. No additional software updates are required. With this new and powerful test module HDMI cable and Coax cable testing can be done.The VTM allows you to perform HDMI cable testing and type identification with the included Video Remote Unit, generate a VGA resolution test pattern for checking monitor connections, and perform a basic DDC Channel test with HDMI cables. The VTM also enables you to perform RF signal level measurement test on RG6/RG59 type coaxial cables with either F-type or BNC terminiations, as well as to perform dB loss measurements and coaxial cable installation mapping with numbered Video Remotes. Comes with 1 numbered remote for HDMI and dB loss testing. Up to 3 additional remotes (PN: VTM-2R/VTM-3R/VTM-4R) can be added.

  • Works with LVPRO 20, 30 and 30SR
  • Test Coax and BNC cables for signal level and loss in dBmV
  • Map transmitters on RG6, RG59 and BNC cables
  • Generate color bar test pattern on HDMI displays and identify cable quality
  • Product Overview
    Cable Types Tested (All LVPRO models) Shielded and unshielded twisted pair. All cable categories
    Coax. All types
    Telephone, speaker and alarm wire 
    Cable Tests (All LVPRO models) Opens, shorts, reversals, split pairs, wiremap, propagation
    delay,skew, ohms. Feet and metricselectable
    Advanced Cable Tests (All LVPRO models) Length and distance to fault
    Adjustable and standard VOP settings for accurate length
    of all cables
    RLQ (Return Loss Quality)
    Locating cable ends, split wires and
    switch ports (Al LVPRO models)
    Wall jack identifiers (RJ45, coax, and mixed kits available)
    Speaker identification (Qty 8 available separately)
    Port blink. LVPRO lights the LED on the port switch
    Device Tests (All LVPRO models) Speakers: audible popper
    Voltage Protection (All LVPRO models) DC Volts: 100V
    AC Volts: 70
    Length Measurement (All LVPRO models) Max (all wire types): 1000 feet (305m)
    Min split pairs: 6 feet (2m)
    Min RLQ: 20 feet (7m)
    VOP calibration:Min cable sample 150 feet (50m)
    Upgradeable (Model 20) Length and distance to fault
    Adjustable and standard VOP settings for accurate length
    of all cables
    RLQ (Return Loss Quality)
    Network Devices (Models 30 and 30SR) 10/100/1000 advertised speed and cable pairs used
    PoE pairs and cable pairs used
    CCTV camera video signal: measure peak to peak volts
    CATV (cable TV) requires min 30mV peak to peak signal
    Battery test:100mA loaded test for 12V alarm and other batteries
    Printed Reports Models 30 and 30SR Stores 250 cable test reports in memory
    Battery Type: 4 AA alkaline
    Life: 24 to 30 hours
    Auto power off: 30 minutes
    Backlit Display Off and 2 brightness levels