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Triplett 2021 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
Triplett 2021 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!

Real World Certifier 2™ Cable Category Tester with Probe: Tests and Displays CAT 3,5,5E,6 Cables - (RWC1000KCS)

The Byte Brothers RWC1000KCS is a network and cable tester that spots slow cables, bad connectors, incorrect wiring, and other communication issues from hubs, switches, and PCs. In addition to the normal distance, opens, shorts, distance to fault and wire map - the Real World Certifier (RWC) performs sophisticated timing, crosstalk and cable construction tests to display cable category (Cat 5E, CAT6, etc.), propagation delay and skew. This greatly improves your installation skills because the RWC spots slightly undercrimped connections, cable coiled in the wall and other maladies that affect cable performance. Plus, you can store up to 250 test results in the RWC's flash memory for later printing using standard Excel spreadsheets. These can be emailed or given to your customer as proof of test. And, if you wish to test hubs, switches and NIC cards, the RWC displays the device's signal level(s) and device type (10,100,1000MB/s, half and full duplex). This is useful in determining signal strength at the end of a long cable run. Includes the main unit, a toner probe, carrying case and 1 hour instructional DVD. Compatible with all network devices.
  • Test CAT5/6 Cables (UTP):
  • Shorts, distance to short
  • Opens, distance to open
  • Cable length (in feet)
  • Wiremap (IEEE 802.3 pairs)
  • Split pairs
  • Crosstalk (NEXT/FEXT) digitally on a PASS/FAIL basis
  • Propagation delay and skew per pair
  • Cable Category bar graph (CAT3 thru CAT 6) - The most popular test performed by the RWC determines cable category by digitally pulsing the cable and analyzing the cable parameters that affect speed. The RWC differs from the EIA/TIA standard because it tests with digital pulses, not sinewaves, yet the RWC results are accurate and greatly improve cable installation practices.
Product Overview

The Byte Brothers RWC1000KCS can perform a myriad of cable and network tests needed to sustain a properly functioning network, while producing easy-to-read screens and reports. Detecting worn connectors, faulty terminations, noisy cables, and a host of other potential network issues, are just a few button presses away. The RWC1000KNP is the perfect tester for both LAN devices and UTP Cables. It also performs testing for coax cables and aTone Generator/Probe is included. The Real World Certifier tells you not only if your cable is wired correctly, but the speed at which your cable is capable of operating!
RWCs test for shorts, opens, length, map and cable quality as required by IEEE/ISO/IEC 802.3 standards. Measures cable propagation delay and skew in nano-seconds. Propagation delay is the time it takes for a data signal to travel the length of the cable. Skew is the difference in delay between pairs. A small skew insures that data, on each pair, will arrive at the receiver at about the same time. A large skew reading errors. RWCs meet IEEE/ISO/IEC 802.3 delay and skew specifications.

  • Wire map: Yes
  • Opens, shorts, splits: Yes
  • Distance to splits: Yes
  • Propogation delay: nanosec
  • Skew: nanosec
  • Tests speed (Level 1): 10MB, 100MB, GIG
  • Tests speed (Level 2): 10MB, 100MB, GIG
  • LAN port scanning
  • Inline port scanning
  • RWC1000 Main Unit
  • RWC1000 Remote Unit
  • Cat5e Patch Cables (2)
  • Protective case (zippered)
  • Documentation tablet
  • "Passed" stickers (64)
  • 9V Battery (2)
  • Instructional DVD
  • Illustrated Users Manual