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Triplett 2021 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!
Triplett 2021 Full Product Line Catalog: Volume 1 Now Available!

Low Voltage Pro Accessories: RJ45 IDs for LVPRO Series - (LVPRO-RJ45-ID)

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Low Voltage Pro Accessories: LVPRO LIGHTED PROBE (LVPRO-P) Lighted, tone probe with volume control for tracing and troubleshooting. The probe works with all LVPROs and fits inside the carrying pouch. LVPRO SPEAKER 7.1 MAPPER KIT (LVPRO-SPKR) Especially designed to properly map and label A/V speaker wires. Requires remote kit. Color coded and labeled per Dolby 7.1 (and 5.1) specifications. Attach alligator clips to the speaker wires and let the LVPRO sort out the rest. Works with all LVPRO models. LVPRO RJ45 SMART REMOTES – 8 pcs (LVPRO-SR) Test and ID the cable with a single pass. When used with Model 30 or Model 30SR, both ID and cable results are stored in the printable report. Includes pouch. LVPRO WALL JACK MAPPER KITS (3 AVAILABLE) are used for locating wall jacks. Work with all LVPRO models and include foam holder. WALL JACK MAPPERS FOR RJ45 (20pcs) PN: LVPRO-RJ45. WALL JACK MAPPERS FOR COAX (20pcs) PN: LVPRO-COAX. MIXED MAPPERS FOR RJ45 (10pcs) AND COAX (10pcs) PN: LVPRO-RJ45COAX. Additional accessories include: LVPRO-RJ45/CLIPS (LVPRO-CLIPS) Replacement RJ45/Alligator clip adapter. LVPRO-USB (LVPRO-USB) Replacement USB data transfer cable. LVPRO-F.M/BNC.M (LVPRO-F.M/BNC.M) Coax type F male to coax type BNC male adapter.


  • Easily ID and label RJ45 and Coax wall jacks
  • Test/ID Ethernet cables in one pass using Smart Remotes
  • SPKR 7.1 ID Mapper for mapping and labeling A/V speaker wires or other wire without end connectors
  • Lighted Tone Probe for tracing and troubleshooting cable runs