CCTV Balun, Female, 1 Pair - (BLN-PCVRJ452)

GEM by Triplett


CCTV Balun -- Video/Power with Female Power Contact, One Pair
  • Provides video over pins 7 and 8, and power over the other 3 pairs
  • Distance dependent upon current and voltage of the camera (For a 24V 130mA camera, cable length is approximately 700 feet)
  • By using a balun at each end of a UTP cable you can obtain the following enhancements: lower material cost (CAT5 versus coax cable), reduced install labor (pull time or cable may already be there), longer cable runs (passive up to 2000 feet, active up to 1.5 miles), more versatile (4 cameras on 1 CAT5 cable), future proofs system (can IP address the entire analog system plus cable in place for full IP digital system upgrade)