Model Pocket Digital Multimeter with Temperature Measurement - (BBT858L)



The BBT858L is a rugged, affordable DMM with the extra quality that you would expect from Byte Brothers. The BBT858L is perfect for all of your low voltage electronics and single phase AC electrical testing. Use on a broad variety of equipment including electronic and electrical components, devices, fuses, alarms and circuit boards. Measure ohms, amps, and volts (AC and DC) and temperature. The perfect everyday meter at a low cost and rugged for field use. 

It is designed for indoor/outdoor use and is easy to read with its large back-lighted LCD display. Power is supplied by a 9V battery with 150-200 hours of life. Designed for use by electricians, technicians, and serviceman who require an instrument that is accurate, reliable, and always ready for use. Its rugged boot gives a snug feeling when held. Daily users will appreciate the extra care taken with the test leads -- soft silicon for a safe grip. And a temperature probe is included for heating/cooling (HVAC) technicians.