Model 6-in-1 Digital Multimeter - (9055)



The Triplett Model 9055 is a 3-3/4 digit (4000 count) high performance digital multimeter with an array of environmental functions. It offers over 50 measurement ranges including AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Frequency, Capacitance, Temperature (Type K and ambient), Relative Humidity (RH), Light (LUX), and Sound (dBC). Additional features include an NCV Detector, Continuity, and Diode Test. The rubberized overmolded housing with built-in stand provides impact and drop resistance in a sleek ergonomic design, and the user-friendly Auto Power Off feature helps maximize battery life. With an industry leading CAT IV design, it provides superior resistance to damage from transient overvoltages in any demanding industrial settings. The Model 9055 is suited for a variety of industrial and residential applications such as security, home theater, electrical, HVAC installations and more. Includes test leads, alligator clips, Type K Temperature probe and 9V battery. 3 year warranty.


The 9055 Digital Multimeter offers conventional multimeter measurement features, including AC and DC Voltage and Current, Resistance, Continuity, Diode Test, Capacitance, Frequency, and Duty Cycle. The overmolded housing provides impact and drop resistance in a sleek ergonomic package, while the convenient Auto Power Off feature maximizes battery life. Its industry leading CAT IV design provides superior resistance to damage from transient overvoltages, such as those experienced in demanding industrial settings.

The dBC Sound Level function is useful for measuring noise in factories, offices, homes, and other settings, as well as for checking the acoustics of studios, auditoriums, home theater installations, and more.

The Light Level function measures illumination in Lux on two ranges. Its silicon sensor is very stable and fully cosine-corrected for the angular incidence of light.

Temperature is measurable in the meter itself or at the tip of the provided temperature probe. Relative Humidity is measured and displayed continuously along with the room temperature, providing a convenient reference for all other measurements.

The 9055 is well suited for use in all test environments, from occasional use in residential applications to everyday use by installers, home theater technicians, security technicians, electricians, HVAC technicians, and other professionals in the electrical and electronics industry.