Triplett WireMaster Firefly Smart Remotes



The FireFly Rapid LAN Mapping Tool is an innovation in mapping and identification technology. ID’ing large numbers of unmarked LAN cables during the installation phase of large LAN systems. Can be used on any size LAN system, it saves the most time for installers on systems exceeding 25 ports. The basic FireFly comes with 100 Remotes, or ‘Flies’, and is upgradeable to use a limitless number of optional Flies. In addition to rapid mapping, the FireFly includes a Reverse Polarity test, and a Short/Continuity test. An included adapter allows the FireFly to function as a standalone Continuity tester. While developed primarily for LAN systems, the FireFly will work on any wiring that terminates with RJ-45 connectors. Cables with RJ-45 connectors, once seen mostly in LAN applications, are becoming industry standards for numerous other wiring installations. Some examples include Telephone, Alarm, Security, Video, Audio, and even Lighting. As the uses continue to expand, the FireFly stands ready to meet the industries mapping and ID requirements.