Triplett WireMaster Coax BNC 8-Way Coaial Cable Mapper



The Triplett Wiremaster Coax 3274 is an 8-way cable mapper, with built-in continuity beeper and 120VAC line cross protection. BNC connectors on the main unit and the remotes allow the user to attach to BNC cables or outlets, and due to the variety of off-the-shelf BNC adapters, to numerous other connector families. It identifies 8 individual remotes by measuring their precision resistance. The AC and DC test detects voltages above 3 volts. Bright red and green LEDs indicate the test results. Protected against damage up to 120 volts AC/DC (no fuse required). 9 volt. Battery Life: approx 20 hours continuous use (alkaline battery). Size: Main Unit: 2.45" W x 4.5" H (to top of BNC) x 1.25" T (to top of switch). Remote: 0.5" W x 1.25" H. Weight: Main Unit (with battery): 4.6 oz. Complete Kit: 11.8 oz. Note: The WireMaster Coax will not map cables if any of the following devices are in use: Amplifiers, electronic switches, attenuators, matching transformers, baluns, modulators, dc blockers, power dividers, directional taps, splitters (non power passive).