Railroad Test Analog Meters



The 2000 Series Railroad Testers are designed to perform standard maintenance tasks (using Volts, Ohms, and Amps measurements) as well as specialized tasks requiring measurements on railroad coding equipment. The 2000 Series is compatible with older test technologies and offers test features not found on earlier test sets. 

Fewer jacks, more ranges, and a logical front panel layout all contribute to the 2000 Series' ease of use. A precision multi-turn Ohms Adjust Control facilitates accurate resistance measurements. Also, the measurement of relay contact On Time has been simplified and expanded requiring no adjustments. Code Parameter measurements have been made simpler and more accurate. It is no longer necessary to count pointer swings to measure On Time. It can be measured on live signals as well as relay contacts. Peak Levels can be determined quickly and automatically, and adjustments to the code equipment peak level can be made without constantly readjusting the Test Set. Some models offer Cab filters, allowing measurement of the individual Cab Signal carrier frequencies, whether coded or un-coded. All 2000 Series Railroad Testers include: test leads, padded water repellent carrying case, shoulder Strap, and batteries.