Fox and Hound HotWire Live Wire Tone & Probe Kit



The Fox & Hound HotWire is a live circuit tracing kit for both 120VAC and 220VAC circuits. It includes the versatile Fox HotWire Tone Generator (Toner) and the high performance Hound HotWire Inductive Amplifier (Probe).  


The Fox HotWire is powered by a 9 volt battery for Low Voltage tracing or it can be powered by the High Voltage line it is toning. It can generate multiple tones (Pulse or Warble), provides a visual and audible continuity test, and integrates our own True Trace and TripLatch tests while providing overload protection up to 250 VAC. The Hound HotWire is a battery operated handheld lightweight Probe; containing both a thumbwheel Sensitivity control and Signal Strength indicator LED. It has a built-in LED headlights to illuminate dark areas and reduce fluorescent light noise, a bandpass filter to suppress unwanted frequencies, an earphone jack for noisy or quiet work areas, and an easy access battery cover. The HotWire can also trace other powered or unpowered common wires including telephone and cable TV wires, LAN cables, security system wires, and many others. The HotWire Fox also includes a very useful feature called TrueTrace. The HotWire‘s RF signal can be sensed through both building materials and most metal conduit. The HotWire can even trace shallow (up to 6" deep) underground wires, like those commonly used for ‘Invisible Fences’, cable television, telephone, or low voltage landscape lighting. Complete with test leads (24" and 60"), flat blades, pointed probes, alligator clips, hard carrying case and batteries (2-9V).