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Power Panel CAT 5/6 Digital Volt Meter

Understanding what data and power is on a CAT5/5 cable is becoming increasingly important as cables are becoming crowded with a wide variety of data devices and power sources. The Power Panel CAT5/6 DVM is the right tool because once connected, it goes to work scanning each pin on a connector and displaying both the activity and pair location. Whether it be network devices, phones, or Power Over Ethernet, all is displayed. If you are a VOIP phone and IP camera installer, you willo find the Power Panel particularly useful because you will know there is power and a data pair available for your equipment.  
  • Scans all pins
  • Displays PoE power: volts, watts*, cable pair location, and end/midspan*
  • Advertised data speed (10,100,100MB/s), duplex
  • Works on telephones (digital, analog)
  • VOIP phone and IP camera load stimulator
  • Link pulse transmit button
  • Specifications

    User Manual