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CamView IP Pro 8070 AHD, TVI, CVI & IP Camera Tester - (8070)



The IP Pro (8070) works with IP and NTSC/PAL cameras. The IP Pro+ (8071) supports H.264 IP cameras, as well as NTSC/PAL and AHD 1.0 and HD-TVI 2.0 analog video cameras. The IP Pro-D (8073) supports H.264 and H.265 IP cameras, as well as NTSC/PAL, AHD 2.0, CVI 3.0, and TVI 3.0 cameras. In addition the IP Pro-D has a built-in True RMS multimeter that can measure AC/DC Voltage and Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode and Continuity tests. All models: work with ONVIF-enabled IP cameras; have a built-in DHCP server so you can set up IP cameras before the network is even wired; provide PoE and external power for the camera (up to 12V, 15W); include a Code Book so you can save usernames and passwords of the cameras you frequently access/maintain; feature a full, flip-out keyboard for quickly entering information; capture images, videos, and camera settings so you can crete reports; have TDR cable testing and network testing. All model s come complete with Lanyard, Rechargeable Battery,Tool Bag with Shoulder Strap, POE Power Injector, Network Cable, BNC Cable, RS485 Cable, 12V Power Output Cable, Audio Cable, USB Cable, Screen Protector Film, and Test Leads (Pro-D model only). port connection.


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IP Pro 8070 IP Pro + 8071 IP Pro-C 8072