Real World Certifier™

This is the tester that changed everything.
Performance Certify and Troubleshoot LAN Hardware and Cabling (10MB, 100MB, GIGABIT). Store up to 250 test results for later printing!


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This is the perfect tester for UTP Cables and LAN devices. Test; speed parameters, cable propagation delay, cable skew, cable typing (Cat 3, 5, 5E, 6), attenuation, cable verification, high accuracy TOR, LAN device tester (advertised and negotiated). RWC also performs basic testing for coax cables. Comes with Tone Generator/Probe.

RWC Text Highlight


  • Speed tests (10MB,100MB,GIGABIT):
    – Real World Cert Level 1 (projected)
    – Real World Cert Level 2* (confirmed)
  • Cable typing (CAT 3,5,5E,6)
  • Displays Port speed, duplex, data levels of all pairs, etc.*
  • Inline Port Mode (negotiated results)
  • Port beacon (locate port)
  • Cable length (real 1 nanosecond TDR)
  • Opens, shorts, splt pairs, splits distance
  • NEXT, NEXT (FAR), Skew, Propagation delay
  • Attenuation*, Hot splits
  • Multi-pair Toner/Probe
  • Stores 250 tests for later printing

*Uses real data from your hub, switch or PC.


  • Performance certify and troubleshoot all LAN hardware and cabling
  • Compatible with all 10MB, 100MB and GIGABIT networks!
  • Test existing cables for higher speed compatibility
  • Spot faulty wiring closet jumpers from your office wall outlet
  • Detect worn connectors and faulty terminations
  • Identify excessively noisy cables
  • Decode 10/100/GIGBIT PCs, switches and hubs for advertised capability
  • Go “inline” between two LAN devices and identify the negotiated speed
  • Test 10/100/GIGABIT PCs, switches and hubs for adequate signal levels
  • Perform your own inspection on newly purchased devices and cables
  • Identify network bottlenecks caused by slow running links
  • Print “receipt” to document test results

RWC Features and BenefitsIf your toolbox is full of $200, $300 and $400 testers, why do you need a Real World Certifier? Your testers can tell you if your cable is wired correctly, but they can’t tell you how fast the cable is capable of operating. The Real World Certifier tells you if your cable is wired correctly and the speed at which your cable is capable of operating!!

Available individually (RWC 1000K) or packaged with the Power Panel Cat5/6 DVM in the Cable & Power Kit (CPK1000 and CPK1000IL).

The Real World Certifier is easy to use. Get understandable results quickly. The images below show the simple steps that spot slow cables, bad connectors, incorrect wiring, noisy cables, improper lengths and low signal levels form hubs, switches and PCs. Learn how the Real World Certifier compares to expensive certifiers.


RWC Easy to Use Network and Cable Tests

Learn more about the Real World Certifier MODEL NUMBER INFORMATION