LVPRO Video Test Module

Add-on Video Test Module for the LVPro


The LVPro is the tool that does it all. This industry-leading cable tester is the one tester you need to run a variety of cable testing procedures like, Cable Map, Ethernet Switch Port Blink, Speaker Pop, Cable Length, PoE Volts, Battery Test, 10/100/1000 indication & the ability to print results. The LVPro allows you to be the PRO in any cable testing situation. This Video Test Module adds even more functionality to the LVPro, adding the ability to test HDMI and additional Coax and BNC tests.

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Introducing the Video Test Module for the LVPRO Model 20, 30 and 30SR. With this new and powerful test module HDMI cable and Coax cable testing can be done. HDMI testing includes color generation, cable length and quality testing. With Coax cables dB loss can be measured with the included remote to test for splitters and common cable problems. Keep an eye out for more Test Modules for the LVPRO!



  • Test Coax and BNC cables for signal level and loss
    in dBmV
  • Map transmitters on RG6, RG59 and BNC cables
  • Generate color bar test pattern on HDMI displays
  • Identify HDMI cable quality
  • Comes with 1 numbered remote for HDMI and dB loss testing